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5K Photos

5K Photos

Photos from the 2nd Annual 5K. Thank you to the Town of Parachute, Parachute Police Department, Parachute/Battlement Mesa Parks and Recreation District, Alpine Bank, Battlement Mesa Service Association, Grand River Health, and Garfield County Libraries, Chilled Out, and our amazing volunteers for making this another successful event!


Fotos de la 2ª Anual de 5K. ¡Gracias a la ciudad de Parachute, al Departamento de Policía de Parachute, al Distrito de Parques y Recreación de Parachute/Battlement Mesa, Alpine Bank, a la Asociación de Servicios de Battlement Mesa, a Grand River Health y a las Bibliotecas del Condado de Garfield, Chilled Out, y a nuestros increíbles voluntarios por hacer de este otro evento exitoso!

Photo of 15 organizers and volunteers posing as super heroes before the 5K race.
Photo of a police officer with a Captain America shield and town manager with a Marvel t-shirt.
Photo of 2 students ending the race.